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Return to Work: Important Legal Considerations for Employers

As vaccines become more widely available across the country, and companies are inching closer to reopening on-location support, those planning to bring workers back must address numerous issues. The choices employers make as they reopen their physical locations or transition more employees from remote work will impact relationships with employees, public perception of business practices and responsibilities, and potential employer liability well into the future. Accordingly, employers need to understand existing guidance and collaborate with business leaders and legal counsel, to ensure they are properly weighing all the factors and considerations that are critical to negotiating the challenges they will face in the months ahead.

This webinar will address the various employment law issues that all members of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) should consider as they reopen or ramp up operations in the coming months, including:

  • Employer-Mandated Vaccination Programs and Alternatives
  • Employer Liability
  • How EEOC Guidance May Impact Reopening Decisions
  • Important Workplace Policies

Webinar Objectives
  1. What should an employer do to prepare an office for reopening? Flag important considerations employers should be thinking about and preparing for when weighing options related to returning to work or continuing remote work.
  2. Explain how the EEOC guidance may impact employer reopening decisions.
  3. Outline employer liability and risks of reopening, including issues related to employer-mandated vaccination programs.

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