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Advancing the Retailer Quality Experience - How cGMP Certification for Dietary Supplements will make the Difference

Certification of cGMP for dietary supplements has become a must-needed advantage in navigating product placement at retail. With growing numbers of retailers requiring quality assurance of company products, the certification process will help facilitate and ensure that all requirements are in place for product acceptance. NSF International has an approved certified standard and process now in place for dietary supplements that will help ensure that cGMP requirements are fully met. Understanding the requirements, processes, and completing certification processes is an important part of selling products across all distribution channels. Learn how NSF International leads the way in certification and how you can enroll your company and facilities.

Webinar Objectives
  • Learn the specific requirements defining cGMP.
  • Understand the cGMP certification standards and processes and how yuor company can become certified.
  • Develop the tools required for ease of providing retailer requirements and documentation to get your products and brand on 'shelf'.