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Culture Keepers: A Vital Evolution in Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Culture Keepers are powerful forces, whether direct or indirect, who influence the cultural influencers. Unlike traditional influencers, Culture Keepers aren’t always people; they can be a trend, philosophy, a belief, a religion or even a global pandemic. It is the impact on category overall that changes the lens on brands, treatments, care, category and, consequently the overall decision-making processes and, ultimately, their experience. The influence they exert can be positive or negative, but in the end, they are critical and omnipresent.

In the healthcare space, Culture Keepers have largely been ignored but have been quietly impacting decisions and trends for decades. The current pandemic has significantly elevated their impact, and they have started transcending digital and social channels to change perceptions and alter “reality” despite data, insights, and experiences. It is clear that we are entering an era where cultural influences and influencers will take on a more important role in shaping healthcare, the 3 customer habits that drive it, and the end consumer reaction. This session will share five key factors marketers should focus on.

Webinar Objectives

  • Explain the importance of culture (at the macro, meso, and micro levels) and it's effect on marketing consumer healthcare products and devices.
  • Showcase good (and bad!) examples of brands trying to find their place in the cultural zeitgeist and how it’s either built or backfired on their brand.
  • Provide best practices for success.

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