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Culture Keepers: A Vital Evolution in Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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  • Jason Kahner, President, Global Health & Wellness

    Jason Kahner is President of Grey Group’s Global Health & Wellness practice, responsible for creating ‘Famously Effective’ ideas that permeate culture and drive brand growth for leading clients including GSK, Pfizer, Lilly, Fitbit, Walgreens, P&G and many others.

    His vision for the practice focuses on applying borderless creativity to unlock brand growth by unearthing unique health and wellness benefits for clients – whether they are firmly rooted in the category, playing in an adjacent industry, or looking to identify a new source of growth which could be ignited through the adoption of a wellness-oriented perspective.

    Since his arrival at Grey in 2005, Jason has led Cannes and EFFIE award-winning teams across a variety of Rx and OTC global brands, including Sensodyne, Botox, Playtex, and GE Healthcare; as well as clients outside the category such as Microsoft, NFL, HSBC global banking, and US National Parks.

    Prior to Grey, Jason held various positions at FCB, working on P&G, Kraft, Nabisco, Samsung, and AT&T Wireless.

    Jason graduated Duke University with a degree in Political Science, is a regular guest lecturer at NYU and Columbia University, and is on the Board of Directors for CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Product Association).

  • Ankit Vahia, PhD, Executive Strategy Director, Health & Wellness

    Ankit has over 10 years of experience across multiple aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical space including research, consulting, and marketing. He has worked across multiple disease areas such as arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, oncology (NSCLC, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, myeloma), macular degeneration, diabetes, and chronic pain.

    Ankit has spent the last decade overseeing over a dozen U.S. and global launches (HCP/DTC), including multiple highly successful products such as Cyramza (NSCLC, gastric cancer), Lartruvo (Sarcoma), Jardiance (diabetes), Tanezumab (chronic pain), and Xospata (leukemia). He is also very well versed in the retinal disorder space, having recently led the U.S. and global launch for Novartis’ blockbuster in wet AMD, Beovu.
    As a strategist, Ankit is driven to identify the deep unspoken truth among our customers and develop a differentiating and unique strategic approach that enables a brand to appeal to that truth. He believes that effective marketing will be driven by our ability to leverage this insight and combine it with deep data and data analytics to ensure that we not only speak effectively to our customers, but also to as many people as we can reach.

    Ankit has a PhD in molecular biology from UMass, Amherst and a post doc in clinical oncology from Harvard Medical School. When not working, Ankit tries to spend as much time as possible with his two daughters, Anayra and Anishka. Family cooking nights are a current favorite!

October 5, 2021
Tue 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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