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The Rise of Supplemental Benefits in the Medicare Market, Introductory Discussion

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Why the surge in OTC Coverage? The webinar will include a review of the 2019 Annual Enrollment Period Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits changes and the drivers of growth of OTC programs. Gains in Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollment were driven by recent regulatory changes that have enabled MA plans to augment plan options. Fueled in part by government steps to strengthen the program, MA has seen unprecedented growth. According to an analysis of enrollment data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), membership has increased by 31 % since 2015. Plans continue to capitalize on MA's popularity, as it accounts for 36% of 2019 Medicare enrollment.

Key issues:

Medicare Basics & the Role of Medicare Advantage (MA) in Senior Consumer Markets

  • Introduction to Medicare
  • Medicare Growth Outlook

Supplemental Benefit Changes & Growth of OTC Coverage in MA
  • Supplemental Benefit Types
  • OTC Coverage Market Prevalence

Explanation of OTC Coverage Trends
  • Advantages of OTC Benefit
  • Two Primary Types of OTC Delivery Models
  • Future of OTC Benefit in Medicare Market

Webinar Objectives
  1. Introduce the Medicare market and relevant trends that will shape future market growth.
  2. Highlight the rise in supplemental benefits, including OTC coverage growth and connected trends.
  3. Examine the future of OTC benefits in the Medicare market and significance to CHPA members.