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Understanding Digital out-of-home Capabilities and How your Brands can Prosper

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In this session industry leaders in out-of-home media, programmatic and data come together to explain how technology has changed the way brands plan, execute and evaluate out-of-home strategies. The tools and strategies we will discuss give the Consumer Health Care industry unique insight into an important and growing marketing channel that the industry has previously been unable to accurately measure beyond reach and frequency. With the innovative data capabilities that are now available to over 160,000 digital out-of-home advertisement venues, we can help marketers measure the impact of digital out-of-home on sales by leveraging IRI's Sales Lift methodology. 

What 3 key takeaways will the audience get from this webinar:

  • The changing path to purchase means brands must dive deeper to better understand behavioral trends and consumer movement patterns as they evolve in real-time. 
  • The power of an omnichannel approach: how digital out-of-home media is currently being implemented in the consumer health care industry to create effective and measurable strategies across multiple media. 
  • Understanding the various measurement capabilities including IRI Sales Lift measurement tool for attributing in-store sales to digital out-of-home.