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How Consumer Healthcare Product Marketers Can Better Engage with the Hispanic Community

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Cross-Cultural Marketing is a way for consumer healthcare product marketers to authentically address large and growing population segments that have been historically under-served in the healthcare arena. Yet so often, the data needed to build insight-driven campaigns is lacking.

In this health equity-focused presentation, Amy Gómez and Kristin Tolbert of Klick Health will explain why Klick embarked on first-of-its-kind Hispanic health research that was published in the journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, unpack key insights from their study, and share best practices of cross-cultural marketing that every marketer can implement to improve impact and outcomes in the Hispanic community.

Webinar Objectives

  • Attendees will gain a re-framed understanding of cross-cultural marketing as a strategic, insight-driven discipline.
  • Attendees will learn some of the best practices of cross-cultural marketing through real examples.
  • Attendees will achieve a richer understanding of Hispanic consumers.