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"Jobs to be Done" Insights Philosophy: Making Innovation More Predictable & Profitable

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Innovation is a top priority for consumer healthcare organizations, and yet despite businesses knowing more about their customers than ever before, innovation continues to be painfully hit and miss, often falling far short of ambitions.

We invite you to join a CHPA Academy webinar from Cambridge Design Partnership, to explore more about “Jobs To Be Done”: An insights philosophy that can be used to observe and understand markets, customer needs, competitors, and customer segments differently, and by doing so, making innovation far more predictable and profitable.

About “Jobs To Be Done”: The JTBD philosophy is grounded on the understanding that people 'hire' products to enable them to get a job (or jobs done). By discovering the jobs people are struggling to get done, new innovation opportunities are identified. JTBD allows for an inherently solution-agnostic approach to insights capture for innovation through a job-based frame of the problem. Instead of focusing on existing products and services; instantly time-stamping and limiting insight, JTBD defines time-stable innovation measures of unmet need and unshackles teams from existing technologies and platforms when considering how to address that valuable, newly uncovered opportunity.

Webinar Objectives

  • An introduction to the "Jobs To Be Done" Insights philosophy
  • How "Jobs To Be Done" can influence decision making within an organization to help identify and develop breakthrough innovation