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Racial Equity: A tool to Improve Retention and Strengthen Your Brand

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The objective of his workshop is to provide a framework that companies can use to assess racial equity in the workplace. We will share the framework's internal and external pillars along with the metrics that serve as a meaningful standard. Will also provide examples of what different companies are doing in each pillar to move the needle on Racial Equity.

This workshop provides those who are just starting their DEI journey with a framework and guidelines to allow them to take their first step. Also, it is suitable for those who have been working towards racial equity with a review of our metrics and standards to compare with their company's progress. Finally while focused on Racial equity the framework has broad appeal for those who seek strong DEI success metrics.

Webinar Objectives

  • A framework to help companies assess and address the key components of racial equity in the workplace (internal and external divers)
  • Overview of Internal Drivers and then a "double click" on the ways organizations retain high-performing people of color
  • Overview of External Drivers and then a "double click" on how brands strengthen their communications and messages to communities of color and beyond