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"Clinically Proven" The New Power Claim Reshaping Consumer Purchasing

Given the increasingly litigious and competitive consumer product landscape, it’s difficult to find ways to cut through the noise let alone find a way to command a market premium … until now. A new study by the University of San Diego has found that ‘clinically proven’ (i.e., found to perform significantly better than placebo in high quality human clinical trials compliant with FTC and FDA regulations) is among the highest forms of validation. Further, consumers were willing to pay at least 20% more in price for a ‘clinically proven’ product as opposed to a base label without the “clinically proven” claim.

This webinar will introduce the new consumer, retailer, and regulatory drivers contributing to the increased use of clinical trials and claim substantiation for consumer products. Then, we’ll dig into the details of the UCSD findings and other top factors that influence intent to purchase. We’ll also explore how companies can leverage AI and virtualization to conduct clinical trials that are more affordable and rapid, and have higher odds of success. Individuals with scientific, regulatory, marketing, and sales roles will benefit from understanding the new consumer insights around consumer product health claims and the technologies that can enable claims at unprecedented affordability and speed.

Webinar Objectives

  • Learn the macro forces at play that are contributing to the increasing use of clinical trials and evidence-based claim creation and substantiation.
  • Analyze the details of the new UCSD findings on ‘clinically proven’ claims and other top factors that influence consumer intent to purchase.
  • Understand how to leverage AI and virtualization to make clinical trials (and thus claims substantiation) more affordable and rapid