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Hot Topics in Impurities & Contaminants Testing

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This webinar will cover current impurities and contaminants "hot topics", the regulatory highlights and recent updates regarding these compounds of interest. Several compounds have received extra coverage in the media and are quickly becoming “targets of interest” by regulators. Our subject matter experts will ensure you are aware of the latest developments regarding impurities of interest, such as Nitrosamines and Benzene, plus other compounds to consider in your quality profile. We will discuss these compounds’ origins, associated risks, monitoring considerations, and the potential analytical challenges that these compounds pose.

Webinar Objectives

  • Review current "hot topic" impurities, compound origins, risks associated and monitoring considerations.
  • Discuss potential analytical challenges of these compounds and offer solutions to those potential challenges.
  • Review regulation updates, from both US and others countries, to get a better idea of the new requirements, and a chance to ask questions to those keeping track of these fast moving changes