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Understanding the EPR Landscape with Circular Action Alliance

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California, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon have passed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs for paper, packaging, and packaging-like items. A key compliance requirement for producers in EPR states is to join the approved PRO, report packaging data to the PRO, and then pay fees to the PRO based on the type and amount of packaging supplied into the EPR state. Circular Action Alliance (CAA) has been approved as the PRO in Colorado and California is submitting a program plan in Oregon in March 2024 and has been engaged with the rulemaking process in Maine. As the approved PRO in two of the four U.S. states, CAA is working to help producers understand the regulatory landscape, producer compliance requirements, and what EPR will mean for their packaging.

Webinar Objectives

  • Introduce members of CHPA who are potentially obligated producers to CAA, the approved PRO for packaging in Colorado and California.
  • Provide CHPA’s membership with a sense of what EPR compliance will entail across U.S. states.