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Healthcare OTC Product Shopper Trends - Insights into The COVID Effect

While COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the healthcare industry in general, it has had a unique impact on shopper purchase dynamics of over-the-counter (OTC) product categories. During this panel discussion, attendees will discover how consumer behaviors have changed and varied by OTC category because of COVID-19. We will share what we've observed and insights we've gleaned from the pandemic's initial months, during the subsequent year, as well as current and emerging shopper trends at the time of the webinar. We will identify marketing opportunities to seize and potential strategies for OTC brands to pursue as well as address some of the ongoing challenges from the pandemic that brands can expect to face. 

Webinar Objectives

  • Put in context the effect COVID-19 has had on shopper behavior across OTC product categories. What did we learn and how can marketers best prepare for what's ahead?
  • Convey current and emerging OTC shopper trends as vaccination rates increase, mask-wearing declines, and workplace mandates become more commonplace.
  • Examine viable OTC brand marketing opportunities and strategies based on Catalina shopper insights from 85 million households and 700 audience segments across the U.S.

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