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Navigating the Unknown - Cough, Cold and Flu 2021/22

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Littered with unknowns, the 2021/2022 cough, cold, and flu season is set to be one of the most unpredictable ever. Unlike last year, when lockdowns, mask mandates, and other factors made a poor season more likely, the relaxing of many of these restrictions means we are all dealing with a very different environment.
Join IQVIA Consumer Health experts as we discuss the:

  • Current factors in play
  • How the season has started
  • What to watch out for as the season goes on
  • Our forecasts for the coming quarters
Enabling you to plan and adapt with confidence.

Webinar Objectives
  • Get a clear view of the factors impacting the 2021/22 cough, cold, and flu season.
  • Forecasts to aid with adapting strategies as the season plays out.
  • IQVIA Consumer Health is your key partner for driving success in the cough, cold, and flu categories.

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