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The Rewired Consumer Enterprise: Getting the Operating Model Right

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Leaders of consumer health companies are navigating a spate of shocks: economic uncertainty, a tough labor market, and intensifying geopolitical conflicts while consumers continue to change their habits and preferences. Amid these disruptions, business leaders face harder choices. They can no longer focus on either growth or profitability-shareholders demand both, so agility and adaptability are crucial.

At the same time, most consumer health leaders recognize that their traditional “operating model”—made up of a company’s capabilities, organizational structure, ways of working, technological tools, and talent—isn’t nimble enough to anticipate and respond to these changes. During this webinar, McKinsey & Company leaders will share perspectives on how companies can develop an agile, yet simple and clear, model that responds to today’s business complexities and confers competitive advantage.

Webinar Objectives

  • Level-set on disruptions impacting global consumer health companies, including tech (e.g., Al revolution) and consumer-driven forces (e.g., evolving consumer behavior)
  • Create a shared understanding of 6 imperatives to enable consumer enterprises to innovate at speed with increased capacity (e.g., rigorously prioritize around the consumer)
  • Explore how the imperatives could come to life for participants' organizations