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Entertainment for Equity: Bridging Gaps, Saving Lives

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Humanity is in a state of emergency against one of the greatest threats we’ve ever faced — health inequity. Could a new form of creativity save lives? What if Hollywood and Madison Avenue came together to fight the crisis? What if the entertainment we already love could also be educational?

This panel will forever change the way people think about their health, their communities and the current state of advertising creativity in the health and wellness space. It will bring together actors, doctors, storytellers and more to start a provocative discussion about closing the health equity gap.

Webinar Objectives

  • Fear-based health marketing is not working: The common playbook has been advertising that leverages fear-tactics and anxiety to guilt people into their health. It doesn’t work.
  • Advertising misses 55% of the audience that we are trying to help: Only 20% of health is addressed in the doctor’s office. The other 80% happens in connected communities. To reach these individuals, we need to align with culture and move from placing product to placing conversations.
  • Entertainment and education can help close the health equity gap: Placing conversations that empower and celebrate health wellness for the underrepresented gives these communities an opportunity to engage.